CLOSET TOWN - Toronto's Custom Closets


Do I need to pay for an in-home consultation?

No, All In-home consultation are free of charge and complementary.

How do I get a quote for my closets?

Simply call Closet Town at 416-824-TOWN (8696) or Email us at and one of our consultants will book you an appointment.

How long is the free consultation?

Usually it takes between 30-60 minutes from the measurements to the design completion. It may take longer if additional designs are needed.

How long does it take for production to be completed?

On average all closet production are completed and installed between 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it could take 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the project.

How long does it take to have my closet installed?

It would take about 4 hours for a typical walk-in closet from start to finish, larger jobs may vary up to 8 hours.

After I go ahead with the closet design, how much do I need to put down as a deposit?

Closet Town promotes 40% or 50% of the total cost as a deposit, in order to prepare the materials and the labor costs for production. After installation is completed the remainder 60% or 50% is required.

Can I have my input for the design of my closet?

Absolutely, Closet Town promotes and encourages the participation of the customers’ input for their closet design ideas. We customize the closets with you.

How does Closet Town quote my closet?

Closet Town has a price list for each and every item that is used for the construction of your closet, a spreadsheet that calculates the final price. Simply inputting the number of gables, shelves, hanging rods, drawers, hampers, jewelry trays, valet or belt rods into a spreadsheet and it prices it out for you.

How can I get a discounted price on my closets?

We currently offer a 10% Off promotional online savings by mentioning this Discount promotion.

What type of additional saving can I get if I order my whole house with custom closets?

Closet Town will provide an additional savings to the entire order so it will be worth the savings when completing the project.

What types of closets are available for me?

We offer the typical Floor to ceiling closets and the New Floating Closets designs.

What are the benefits to having floating or hanging closets?

The Floating/Hanging closets are beneficial to you in many ways, it provides a space for you to mop, vacuum or sweep the floor under the closet to keep it clean. It provides a top shelf for additional storage, it keeps the room from collecting dust bunnies in the closet structure, and it provides the room with a modern and neat look.

What is the wood material used for my closets?

We use 3/4″ Uniboard Melamine that is 100% Canadian. For drawer faces we use thermal-fused MDF material.

How can I visit the showroom?

Simply call or email Closet Town and we’ll provide you an appointment to visit our showroom and production area.

To send a frequently asked question please email us at or call us directly at 416-824-TOWN (8696).